In the Rivne region during a vacation in the woods do not forget about fire safety requirements

With the onset of warm and dry weather increases the risk of fires in the forests. Unfortunately, this fact contributes to the behavior of citizens massively go to rest of the city - the country, the water in the forest. Being close to nature, people often forgetthe rules of conduct, causing a fire. Every year the state recorded, depending on weather conditions, an average of 2.5 to 7.5 thousand forest fires that damage the environment and major damage to the national economy. In addition, these fires are very difficult to tame. Forest fires occur for different reasons. But the "rootb "evil lies in human negligence and irresponsibility by thrown cigarette butt, left unattended campfire. Fire Service UMP Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Rivne region appeals to all citizens with a caveat: while in the forest and park area on vacation, do not forget about fire safety compliance. Above all, one hundredsuyetsya selection and training places for the fire. His best kindle on the banks of rivers or lakes, near the water and, of course, away from conifer plantations, peat, dead wood. When the fire flared up in the tree, it should be thoroughly cleaned of flammable materials area, surrounded on all sides by sand or earth wall. Locations toshould have a supply of water to pour fire reliably in the event of uncontrolled spread and completely extinguish after the holiday. For a long hot dry weather kindle fire should be especially careful, because the left on the sunny lawn bottle or piece of glass focusing the sun, able to work as incendiary lens. It is often atleads to spontaneous forest. If a fire should immediately using branches with green leaves as brooms, knock down the fire, then fill it with sand or earth. When the fire can not curbed immediately inform the line "101". Fire Service UMP MIA