In the Rivne region Dubno police detained

Serial thief in his '29 dubenchanyn Vasyl not too concerned about employment because chose an easier way of earnings, albeit illegal. He specialized in stealing people. The objects of its enrichment facilities become trade. Mostly stolen power tools, porttive machinery, food and money. In total 20 people committed theft. Allegations of theft from stores to the duty of Dubno Gorotdel police began to receive more from November 2014. However, the arrested attacker was able to recently. - At night, April 23 at the line "102" was reported that unknown person onharm pane in one of the stores in the city of Dubno. At the scene immediately went investigative team - said the head of Internal Affairs of Ukraine MoU Dubno Rivne Region Leonid Myhalko. - Thanks to prompt and coordinated work of staff CID less than an hour managed identified the attacker. They found 29-year-olddubenchanyn Basil. The man already has a criminal record, was serving his sentence in prison for theft from stores. In the field of law enforcement Basil was back in 2012, when committed theft from store food. As explained attacker stolen property sold and the money spent on repayment. Employees Dubno miskviddilu police opened criminal proceedings under Part 3 of Article 185 (theft) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, which provides for imprisonment for up to six years. 29-year-old Vasily reported suspicion of having committed the above criminal offense and a preventive measure in the form of detention. Guardians of Pereviryayut its involvement to other offenses. Pre-trial investigation in the criminal proceedings pending. Oles Shevchenko, Dubno Ukraine MIA MB Rivne region