Bukovina police caught intruders who robbed the store three

villagers zealously entered the shop premises chernivchanky where stolen food and consumer goods totaling more than 4500 USD. By using Kitsman police officers approached 60-year-old resident of Chernivtsi. The woman reported that the premisesof its stores stole food and consumer goods. Police immediately conducted a series of search operations. Police have established that the theft involved three villagers zealously age of 19, 20 and 22 years. It is known that one of the attackers had already "criminal experience," he brought to criminal Answersalnosti for committing property crimes. Law enforcement officers found that the young men entered the shop through the front door damage. In the crime confessed criminals. Investigators Kitsmansky police department for this fact openly criminal proceedings under Part. 3. 185 (theft) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Exhibits inylucheno. Sanction article provides for punishment of imprisonment for up to six years. Ongoing investigation. Also check out the intruders police involvement in the commission of other crimes in the area. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Chernivtsi region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/