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Chernivtsi region: rescuers eliminated 3 fires over the past

days in the Chernivtsi region there were 3 fires. Thus, in the village Nelypivtsi Kelmenetsky area due to local resident burning rubbish fire. How can ’ it turned out, the woman evening ignited a fire, which left it unattended and went home. All night flame ’ I tlilo the morning because of the wind spread to nearby outbuildings located. Since the building was entirely trees ’ Jana and inside kept the wood and coal, in a few minutes the fire engulfed the entire business building and spread to another farm buildings, which were nearby. Just as fire occurred on the edge of the village,people have noticed the danger when fire completely engulfed two outbuildings and spread to a house. People call on the phone call 101. In place of rescuers left the village. Kelmentsi. The primary task of fire-rescue units were preventing the further spread of the fire, as was the next onehouse. Soldiers DSNS stop the spread of fire, and subsequently completely eliminated fire. The fire destroyed two outbuildings, household items. Firefighters rescued from destruction house. There were no injuries. Another outbuildings burned in Chernivtsi Street. Ternovskii. Trees ’ Yani wall of the building contributed to the rapidthe spread of fire. Rescuers State Fire and Rescue unit number 3 of the regional center, which left the scene, the fire eliminated. In the village Dyhtynets Putyla area of ??dry grass fire occurred on the open an area of ??4 hectares. Another guard of the State Fire and Rescue unit number 6 village. Putila eliminated the fire, no extraustyvshy further spread of fire. In the fire no one was hurt. Press Service UDSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region