To save the three-year Alina cancer caring family asks for help

young family from the city asks for help in saving the daughter Alina, who turns three years. In March last year, the girl became ill with cancer of the skull base (hordoma). How to tell the parents of July, they are fighting for the life of the child and asking for help all nebayduzhyh. This was reported in the press service of the Lviv City Council. &Laquo; This is a rare tumor, more typical historical data for adults. In our country these patients a bit unit. Realizing that experience in operations such complexity is only abroad, we started to move in this direction. Sold the car and some other Maibut were asked to help good people, and went to rescue a child in Hungary. Doctors eased condition. But this was not enough to get further treatment proton irradiation. The child did not take the treatment – needed one more way more radical surgery, and then the payment rate of proton irradiation. All together – ce 100 thousand. Euro & raquo ;, – Alina tell parents. In December 2014. Seven ’ I went to the operation of the clinic. Essen (Germany). German doctors by unpredictable complications diagnosis and Alinochky condition at the time agreed to let the family home only with medical aviation to the local hospital. &Laquo; doctors said uat the tumor grows toward the airway. We plead for help. Please help get to where we are waiting for a child can help. In Germany and Spain, clinics, doctors ready to act and save. Professors from Germany suggest surgery and proton irradiation (total cost about 100 thousand. Euros), Spain – operation,available in practice with a similar diagnosis, experimental chemotherapy (total cost about 115 thousand. euros) & raquo ;, – says seven ’ I Samborskyh and Drozd. Details: MAP Sberbank 4276 8280 1391 0065 Stake Privat UKRAINE 5211 5374 4552 5376 Yandex Money 410012587793928 Kiwi-wallet 7095536 58 54 TELEPHONE OPERATORBeeline 7 963 022 00 59 (only for assistance) Paypal WebMoney U368776196131 – Ukrainian hryvnia E114685935415 – EUR Z341975281826 – Dollar R169863140837 – Ruble B228068742722 – Belarussian Ruble Group OpenID Phone mom (Diane Samborska) 0989666100. Told