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In the Ternopil region in Pidvolochysk prayer and blessing accompanied mobilized

men accordance with the schedule of the fourth wave of mobilization, the walls of the district administration was sending military service to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Reported the press service of the State Administration Podvolochisk. Six eyelashesskovozobov'yazanyh Pidvolochysk area and rozpochnutvyshkil combat coordination in military training centers polygons. See off brave men come relatives. Chairman of Regional State Administration R.Beloshytskyy primarily mobilized thanked for their civic position and patriotism, the spirit wished them strength, endurance,honorably bear the high rank of warrior-defender of the Motherland and early return to their homes and live healthy. The Holy Fathers blessed those present at the protection of the welfare of the Fatherland. And students presented defenders souvenir charms. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration