In Chernihiv region pyrotechnics DSNS destroyed two grenades RGD-33

April 28 inhabitant village. Holubychi Ripky area during plowing his infield discovered ammunition, on grounds similar to hand grenades. The man immediately reported the findings of rescue and law enforcement. Last promptly took a dangerous place under protection. Thison the same day, pyrotechnics rescue squad of special purpose UDSNS in Chernihiv Oblast, who arrived on a call, ammunition identified as two hand grenades RGD-33 war. All explosive items in the space outside of the town, at 14:15 removed by blasting. It should be noted that with the onset of springbut field work probability of detecting hazardous finds growing. Often they are found in gardens, fields, and pastures in forest. Memory ’ Note that with time and under atmospheric phenomena munitions are even more dangerous, so in no way attempt to move or violate their integrity. You must set nebezpechne place with bright fabrics and tell rescuers the number « 101 » or the number of law enforcement officers « 102 & raquo ;. Clearance of explosive remnants are engaged only professionals. Management DSNS in Chernihiv region