Chernigov region, ignoring warnings rescue citizens leads to daily occurrence dozen fires because of burning of dry vegetation

Chernihiv rescuers through the media during briefings with the population in the prevention vidpratsyuvan housing sector is constantly proving requirements rulesFire safety in the home and explain the dangers of incineration and dry vegetation. However, the unconscious area residents continue to ignore warnings rescuers and as a result, since early March due to the uncontrolled burning of rubbish and dead in Chernihiv there were 30 fires litter in forests, 429th ecosystemsand 291st residential sector citizens. Only the last day firefighters fires eliminated 9 of the above reasons. April 27th at 16:25 to the Rescue "101" in Semenov district received information about the fire uninhabited farm on the outskirts of the village. Zhadova. Before the scene firefighters arrived, local fire brigade and fire-pyatuvalnyy division of the district center. Joint operational actions localize the fire at 16:55, and at 17:05 finally eliminated, during which saved a house and a summer kitchen, which has recently been exploited. As it turned out, the cause of the fire was the careless handling of fire unknown person, resulting in starting a fire so dryRava in open terrain. A gust of wind the fire spread to the economy and destroyed the roof of the barn and summer kitchen. Rescuers State Service of Ukraine of Emergencies once again turn to the citizens asking to exercise caution in dealing with fire and observe basic rules of fire safety. Management DSNS in Chernihivskiy area