In the Transcarpathian region rescuers together with foresters trained to tame wildfires

rescuers Recently Mukachevo, Irshava and Rakhiv areas together with the forestry and physicians trained in extinguishing forest fires and assist victims. Mukachevo rescuers with local foresters Trenuvalysya in the village. Berezynka. For tactical plan, with the unstated reasons caught fire about a hectare of dry grass near the forest. Due to strong wind the fire spread to the forest, where dry litter caught fire in the area more than 2 hectares. Because emergency 3 persons were burned. To eliminate fire workers first arrived at the forestKeep forestry. Given the complexity of the situation, the decision to involve the elimination of fire rescue units Mukachevo district. Together with the use of knapsack extinguishers, entrenching tools and fire equipment « fire » was extinguished. Almost similar scenario rehearsed in Pahivskomu area based Velykyi forestry and hunting economy. In Irshava district rescuers improved joint actions to extinguish fires in Dovzhanskiy forestry and hunting economy. In this case, scenario building burned forestry. According to the Office DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region, with the purpose of suchahodiv is to test preparedness and cooperation of all agencies and services involved in extinguishing forest fires. Also tested virtually mobilization plans to attract capabilities during quenching in ecosystems edge. Rescuers, in turn, emphasize the observance of fire security, especially during the high-end pozhezhnoyi danger in the region. Usually in fire leads human negligence and ignorance while cleaning areas suburban areas that are close to forests, and directly during outdoor recreation. Careless cigarette thrown into the woods or incorrect ignition may cause the fire NepopRavn … Be careful and take care of nature Carpathians! Management DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region