Vinnicchina monitoring visit to the central office of the representative of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Daniel Keller (+ photos)

For eighteen months Vinnichchina can completely eliminate the use of gas in the public sector. To this endeavor and industry in the region, - the first Deputy Governor Andriand Gyzhko during a meeting with a representative of the Central Office of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Daniel Keller. A foreign visitor arrived at Vinnitsa region to get acquainted with the work of the Centre for resource-efficient and cleaner production, created under the project of international structures to improve performanceand, competitiveness and environmental responsibility production just because of the efficient use of resources. Funded project of the Government of Switzerland and Austria. According to Andrew Gyzhko, the Soviet Union was not accepted figure out how much energy, water or gas. After all, if the energy conservation, resource conservation were secondary and nand they are not paying attention. A center that was created several years ago in the winery, has begun to change the psychology of manufacturers. During his work could prepare experts who are actively to work in the region. "I remember very well the example Kalynivskyi machine factory. This is a great company in the area and had never head of districtis thought can be reduced to ten times the amount of water used for heating. And such examples in every enterprise "- said Andrew Gyzhko. Finally, Deputy Head Andriy Gyzhko convinced that local manufacturers are aware that the use of cheaper local energy much cheaper. "Minuloho year of 9 refineries field two have worked one on oil, coal one. And plans this year, too, one sugar factory will abandon gas. The same plans are also other industrial plants "- said Andrew Gyzhko. However, the transition itself for new resource-saving technologies - it is not always cheap. In the current economyary conditions is a significant challenge for manufacturers. Therefore, according to Daniel Keller, Organization UNIDO also change its approaches to support business partners. "Centre can help companies to apply for loans or grants for investment. In meetings with the CPI we heard the opinion that the loan, investors are, but usually pidpryyemstva not know how to submit your application to them. I think that this element of support should be included in the work center clean production "- said Daniel Keller. The project of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) "Promoting the adaptation and implementation of resource-efficient and cleaner production in Ukraine" in the field is ofavershytys 2016 year. However, given the difficult situation in Ukraine, which led to heavy losses in terms of modernization, and representatives of international institutions and Vinnitsa officials at the meeting agreed that this work should continue. "The project has officially ended and a half years, but will continue to recommend yogiimplementation of the future. Because we understand that you need more time to center resource-efficient and cleaner production became independent. During the next step will create a business plan to the organization made a profit from providing their services, "- said Daniel Keller. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration