Appeal heads of law enforcement agencies to citizens Vinnichiny

vinnichane Dear guests and our land! The priority for government and law enforcement is to ensure the safety of citizens. In connection ’ cytuatsiyeyu connection with the country, opportunities terrorist threats, police Vinnichiny strengthen security measures in the region. During Mayholidays bear service in emergency mode. Increased the number of patrol police. Are inspecting the vehicle and citizens to prevent transportation of weapons, explosives or other dangerous objects. We appeal to all residents and visitors Vinnichiny to refrain from participating in unauthorized mass events on social anda political nature and do not yield to provocations. Please be especially vigilant in the days of the May holidays. In case of suspicious bags, vehicles, objects left unattended for a long time, and people with suspicious behavior and people who commit unlawful acts or incite them, please immediately call to prayMayors 67-15-67 (duty of the prosecutor's office area), 102, 59-33-22, 59-33-23, 59-42-00 (non-stop phone police), 53-13-09 (hotline UAS). Attorney In Vinnitsa region ’ Vyacheslav Sokolov Head of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Vinnitsa region Igor Morenets Head CSS Ukraine in Vinnitsa region Sergey Ratiyev