In Vinnytsia group of freelance adviser to the head of the regional state administration headed by Viktor Vikalyuk (+ photos)

During the weekly working meeting with heads of departments and agencies in the region Vinnitsa region Valery Cow leader presented the head of a group of freelance adviser to the head of RSA, which, according to the relevant order, was Victor Vikalyuk.The group also included 10 counselors knowledge of experts, each of whom not only represents a different line of action, but the region is well-deserved reputation. The same order for team leaders and advisors and freelance own advisers Deputy Governor. Thus, the first deputy head of ODAnd Andrew Gyzhko a group headed by Valery Nikitiuk, the Deputy Chairman - Director of the Department of Education ODA Igor Ivasyuka - Alexander County, and the head of freelance advisors Deputy Governor Vasily brewers was Roman Axelrod. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration