In Vinnytsia homemade crossbow and arrows to him seized by police in the district resident Tomashpil

local residents of a rural area Tomashpil police seized object like a crossbow and arrows. According to the offender, he made his own weapons through curiosity, because this only produced agriculturaland accessories. As the chief of police department Tomashpil Dmitry Ivanchenko, the police received operative information that a resident of one of the villages in the area looking for a volunteer to buy edged weapon - the crossbow, the technical condition which it periodically checks the shooting trees on their own yard. This information is confirmedduring a search authorized. The house is 59-year-old suspect, police officers found the object looks like on the crossbow, arrows to him with a lead-tipped arrows and blank. According to the man he admires the manufacture of agricultural supplies, which uses the garden. This time he was wondering if he was abledo something else, so set about making crossbows. Where people actually took the weapon, with all the signs are cold, and what remained, find out the investigation. The weapons aimed at research in Research Forensic Centre of the Ministry of Interior. Investigation Department of the police opened criminal proceedings under Part. 2, Art. 263 CriminalCode of Ukraine (illegal handling of weapons, ammunition or explosives). For carrying, manufacture, repair or sale of daggers, Finnish knives, brass knuckles or other bladed weapons without a permit required by law punishable up to 3 years in prison. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Vinnitsa region