Transcarpathia: Mukachivschyni on the fault claim "yanoho driver killed two women in the village

Chynadiyovo Mukachevo district car Ford Sierra , was driven by a drunk 37-year-old driver ran over two women velosypedystok. Both victims died from his injuries at the scene. The driver fled the scene but was detained and rozshukanyying police. In this incident started criminal proceedings. About 17 o'clock the duty of Mukachevo Gorotdel police received a report of an accident in smt.Chynadiyevo Mukachevo district. Arriving at the scene of the tragedy, police found out that the car "Ford", leaving behind a van at high speed, knocked femaleKu cyclist who rode along on the road. The blow threw the car on the opposite side of the road where it was hit by another rider, also a woman ... Injured women aged 37 and died in '51. 37-year-old driver of "Ford", leaving the car in the ditch, fled from the scene. As it turns out later, he was drunk. An hour workers militsiyi Shemshey George and John Vischak arrested fugitive. The man was already far beyond the village, a few kilometers from the commission of the accident. Detained him on the track "Kyiv-Chop". And women victims and perpetrator accident - villagers, residents smt.Chynadiyevo. In this incident investigation department investigator region opened criminal proceedings under Part 3 st.286 Kryminament Code of Ukraine (Violation of traffic safety, causing loss of life). Driver facing imprisonment for a term of 5 to 10 years. Continues pre-trial investigation. The driver is in custody. Information Mukachevo CF MIA