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In Uzhhorod police detained four illegal immigrants from B "yetnamu

In one of the houses on vul.Donskoho in Uzhgorod (micro Radvanka) together with the police and border guards found four detained illegal migrants from Vyetnamu. Illegal immigrants hiding in his home local resident . April 27, police department officials claimon combating trafficking in cooperation with the border navidalysya lunch time in one of the houses on vul.Donskoho in Uzhgorod (micro Radvanka). Here in the house 58-year-old local woman police found four black males aged 30-40 years. There are no documents in possession they had, who called citizens of Vietnam. According tomost illegal immigrants, they were going to get one from West Europe. Illegal immigrants transferred to Chopdetention center, and those who helped them in illegal perepravtsi, police searching for. SZEM Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region