Court on the head of the Ternopil regional hospital again failed

One million thirty four thousand hryvnia mortgage - it insists on such amount Ternopil court. By paying her suspected illegal benefit the chief doctor of Ternopil Regional Hospital will be able to go abroad for treatment. According to the Deputy ChiefRegional police department Casimir ashes, the suspect is being treated in the intensive care unit of the second hospital. At the House of duty around the clock guards. To the court could determine preventive measure, the suspect must appear in the courtroom. However, the latter refused to do so. Law enforcement officials say that after Ifor the Court will consider the case, the husband will leave the country for medical reasons. Before that it will not be released from Ukraine as guarantee that the suspect will return no. The court is scheduled for Monday, April 27, again failed. The reason - the absence of the suspect. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region