In the Rivne region for robbing a minor - three years probation Last fall,

completed the trial of criminal proceedings on charges 28-year-old Irina Radyvyliv region of committing a robbery. Last May Irina at a bus stop in the village of Kozin while Lily minor conflict. Irene hit LeeLeah punched in the face and chest. She fell, and fell out of his pocket and three hundred hryvnia mobile phone. Irina all raised and killed himself. The victim immediately appealed for help to the police. They found all the circumstances of the case. At the trial material damage to the injured napadnytsya fully compensated, so minor beggedCourt not to punish severely Irina, promising that claims to the accused will not have. In assessing the evidence, the court Radyvlivskyy still acknowledged Irina guilty of a crime under Part 2 of Article 186 (robbery) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, depriving her of liberty for four years. However, given repentance and assist in the detection dismissed it inEid serving the sentence, finding three years probation. Oksana Shuliak Radivilovsky District Police