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In Rivne found "BMW" and "Volkswagen" illegally staying in Ukraine

Traffic police officers Rivne region over the weekend arrested two cars were imported to Ukraine from customs offenses. April 24 at highway "Equal-Settlement-Starokostiantyniv" near the village of Sar Nemovychinenskoho district inspectors DPS platoon support company DPS traffic police, subordinate Ministry of Internal Affairs, stopped the car brand "BMW". Driving a passenger car was 21-year-old Sarnenski area. After checking the vehicle on bases police, police determined that the vehicle is not registered in Ukraine, and the state licensemark owned car "Skoda Octavia". Foreign car traffic police brought into the territory Sarnenski District Police. The next day, about two o'clock in the morning, in the village Rokitne traffic police stopped the car " Volkswagen Passat, " running the 22-year-old local resident. The audit PINs body foundOsya that number above the body of the vehicle does not match the entries in the registration documents. In addition, during a conversation with the driver inspectors suspected that the man is drunk, which further confirmed the device "Drager", which showed 0.92 ppm. On the driver "Volkswagen Passat," traffic police has madeAdministrative and just two minutes under Articles 121 and 130 CAO. Car traffic police brought into the territory Rokytne District Police. For both facts currently being tested. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine Rivne region