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Chernivtsi region in the last 4 days there have been

fires 9 April 24 in the city Storozhynets Street. Kitsman was a fire in a building. Fire and rescue units Storozhynets city and local fire brigade arrived at the village Chudey place the call. Contributed to the spread of fire trees ’ volved floors of the building design and strong winds.As a result, in a short time the fire spread to an area of ??180 sq.m .. The soldiers DSNS the fire under control to the extent in which they found upon arrival. The fire destroyed the building housing cover damaged floors of the building. Clear actions of fire-rescue unit allowed to save from destruction house. Apr 26of the village in the district Korchivtsi Hlybotskyi outbuildings local resident caught fire. Since the building was trees ’ Jana and preserved in hay fire in a short time spread throughout the building. In addition, there was next to a house, which spread the fire. The house also had trees ’ plates and that helped Mr.odalshomu spread of fire. The total area of ??the fire was 152 sq.m .. At the scene were sent to rescue the village. Deep and local fire protection Korchivtsi villages, and Yordaneshty handful. The first priority was to prevent firefighters further spread of the fire, as was another nearby house. Rescuers operativeat the fire under control to the extent in which they found upon arrival. Further danger was eliminated. Flame ’ holes destroyed farm buildings, household items and 1 ton of hay. Firefighters rescued from destruction house. In just the last 4 days in the Chernivtsi region 9 fires took place, during which Mr liquidationhose Ladder and rescue units DSNS Office of Ukraine in Chernivtsi region rescued from destruction 4 building. The dead and injured as a result of fires there. Press Service UDSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region