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During the week DSNS Ukraine rescued 39 people and eliminated more than 1 thousand. 614

fires the past week (from 20.04 to 26.04) divisions of the State Service of Ukraine of Emergencies conducted site visits for measures to prevent disasters, rapid response to events and emergency response, fire pozheWell, of other rescue measures. So, on April 20 in Kyiv region there is an emergency at the local level. In the village. Malopolovetske in 12 hours. 30 min. April 20 in a private house because of violations of stove heating on fire, which fires killed 3 children (2010, 2011 and 2012 born). Over the pastWeek 1 thousand registered. 614 emergencies, which ensured response units DSNS of departure to the place of their origin. As a result of the undertaken measures 39 persons. Disposed 1 thousand. 340 fires, rescued 34 people on fire and not allowed the destruction by fire 549 buildings and 17 units. technology. On fire killed 38 people, estimated whippeding, according to current data, is 2 million. 542 thousand. USD. Thus, in the village. Old Yarylovychi Chernihiv region at 17 h. 00 min. April 23 resulting from ignition of dry grass ’ yanoho deck fire spread to household building. At 17 h. 30 min. upon arrival DSNS fire departments were involved 10 household structures. With decisive action, Fast escalating forces skilful maneuvering fire equipment, fire fighting facilities and personnel DSNS managed to save 43 households. At 21 h. 30 min. Fire and rescue units DSNS fire extinguished. There were no victims. The fire destroyed trees 1 ’ plates and a house and 17 different household structures desent. In addition, 25 April in Odessa. In 21 hours. 13 min. in the two-storey warehouse building (size 50x15), there was a fire. The fire destroyed the wealth and damaged building in the area of ??600 sq.m. At 1 h. April 26 fire departments DSNS Ukraine eliminated. Not been the spread of fire to adjacent storage building. Victims and postrazhdalyh not. Since the beginning of the week pyrotechnic units DSNS made 232 trips during which revealed seized and destroyed 1 thousand. 331 pieces of munitions. During the week about water ’ yektah killed 8 people. According to data of the week there were 406 road traffic accidents, resulting in the deaths of 59 people tand injured 511 people. Press office DSNS Ukraine