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28.04-13.05. - Held zonal stages XXI Ukrainian festival of young wives fire

April 28 at 10:00 am in the premises of the center-of-school Education. Razumkov (m. Berdichev Street. Vinnitsa, 21) will zonal phase XXI Ukrainian Festival of Young Wives fire. Festival organizers are DSNS management in the area, runningVita and Science Regional State Administration and Regional Organization Volunteer Fire Company of Ukraine. During the event, the best team member Lubarsky, Chudnovsky, Berdichev, Andrushivsky, Ruzhin, Popilnyansky regions and cities Berdichev represent literary and musical composition, aimed at teaching childrenrules of safe life. Zonal stages also take place April 29, at 10:00 in Teterevsky secondary school art. (Zhytomyr region, p. Teterevka Shevchenko Str., 27-a), May 6 at 10:00 in the regional House of Culture (m. Korosten, st. Frank, 4) and 13 May at 11:00 Novograd Volyn specialized secondary school art. 4 (m. Novograd Volynand st. Pushkin, 46). We invite everyone to take part in the events. Accreditation will tel. (0412) 42-15-26 or by e-mail - M. Berdichev 18:00 April 27, 2015. - C. Zhitomir 18:00 April 28, 2015. - M. Korosten 18:00 May 5, 2015. - M. Novograd Volyn 18:00 May 12avnya 2015. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region