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There was a Ukrainian-Polish seminar "Export to EU certification features"

A Center for Research, validation and certification of Gliwice (Poland) described the features of certification in the Ukrainian-Polish seminar "Exports to EU: Features certification" . The seminar was held on April 27, pupilsast it was Consul General of Poland in Lutsk Beata Bzhyvchy, head of Ukrainian business center in Warsaw Mankovskyy Yang, head of the NGO "Association of Auditors QMS" Olga Kolos, head of the Ternopil Oblast State Administration Stepan Barna, chairman of the council Vasyl Hominets. During the workshop informed about the basic acstove free movement of goods within the EU; output products to international (European) market; imports from countries outside the EU; product requirements; conformity assessment; market surveillance. The head of the region stressed the importance of cooperation with Polish entrepreneurs. "Poland is the largest trade partner for Ternopolschyny - said Stepan Barna. - We are open to cooperation with Polish businessmen are ready to support the implementation of relevant projects in the region. Our goal is to create favorable conditions for investors, and in the future - access to foreign markets with their own initiatives. " Polish will attract investors to the area and the Polish Consulatein Lutsk, said Consul General of Poland in Lutsk Beata Bzhyvchy. "We need to examine the requirements set by the European market - she said. - It will significantly increase exports. The situation in Ukraine is not easy and a negative climate for investors. We will work in terms of information and the example inbut existing partners to attract other members to cooperate. " Thanked the representatives for their cooperation Polish Deputy Governor Leonid Bytsyura. "The structure of exports in recent years has changed. We are looking for prospects in the international market. This allows not only to sell the product, but also significantly improve its quality. Experience asim sharing with us the Polish representatives, is invaluable. " Leader of the "Association of Auditors QMS" Olga called Colossus regional entrepreneurs to engage in cooperation with Polish representatives and prepare for the representation of products on the European market. This was reported in the Ternopil regional administrationsth