Vinnytsia region, rescuers are advised developers and citizens to abide by the rules and regulations

Fire Department DSNS Ukraine in Vinnytsia region informs that the moratorium on inspections at building an adherence developers norms and rules of fire safety. This greatly affects the control of the progress of construction projectsand recording and violations of rules and fire safety. Service state supervision and control HUDSNS Ukraine in Vinnytsia region recommends paying attention to the performance of the developer following: - The door to the apartment must be not only proof, but fire; - Fencing balconies and loggias tall buildings in three surchi and more should you ­ konuvatysya of non-combustible materials; - Availability of apartments or exits glazed balconies (loggia), from the third floor and above, through the door on a platform that is arranged along the outside wall of the house with hollow spaces with a minimum width of 1.2 m. Ploshchadka should be a minimum width of 1.2 m and have a minimum height of fence1.2 m; - Must pay particular attention to those citizens who buy apartments in buildings on the upper floors, the floor of which is located at an altitude of conditional 26.5 m (preferably from 10 floor and above). In these buildings should be made a number of fire-fighting measures: arranged with external staircases Unglazed BulkOnam, organized system of forced removal of smoke from popoverhovyh corridors in case of fire, organized system of internal fire water (tap kits) on the floor, and a system of automatic fire. For more information Department DSNS Ukraine in Vinnytsia region recommends that you contact the Consultativetion center located on the street. 600-year anniversary, 11 in. Vinnitsa or call (0432) 566-566. HUDSNS Ukraine in Vinnitsa region