In the winery with the participation of the Ambassador of USA in Ukraine opened Center for Public Education and Social Partnership (+ photos)

Creation Center, which is a project of the Vinnytsia Oblast human rights organization "Source of Hope", preceded recovery room where henceforth act institution. Financing repairs were made by sprymoting United States European Command, and by April 27 Center for Public Education and Social Partnership has started the official opening. At the ceremony were Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt, representatives of the United States European Command, head of regional state administrationsValery radio Cow, Regional Council Chairman Sergei scrolls, acting Vinnitsa mayor Sergey Morgunov, head of the International Organization for Migration Manfred Profazi, representatives of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and partner NGOs. "One of the most powerful weapons, which has now Ukraineand in the struggle for independence and sovereignty, is the strength of its citizens and especially - its civil society. Therefore, center, renovated by the European Command of the US Armed Forces should be seen as a tool, a tool that will be used in the activity Ukrainian civil society "- said in his welcoming remarks, Ambassador Extraordinaryand US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt. The diplomat thanked all the performers of the project and expressed the hope that, in addition to a number of services to be provided Centre, particular attention will be paid to demobilized soldiers here and displaced persons. After all, Ukraine is facing a new challenge: how to re-integrate into society and returnto the full life of the soldiers who returned from the zone of military operations and require rehabilitation. However, Geoffrey R. Pyatt said that the US Government is committed to assist Ukraine in building strong democratic society and the opening of the public education and social partnership is only a small part of this. Regional Head of stateavnoyi administration Valery Cow, in turn, said that the regional authorities tracked the process of implementation. Therefore thanked Mr. Ambassador and his face all the people supporting US Ukrainian state. "We need to work to move forward. And most importantly - we have to build a new country. The country, which will be based on the principleoh goodness, justice, European values. And the center, primarily intended to develop our civil society. We have to move away from the state to intervene in all processes. We must understand that a significant portion of authority in the country are carried out by public organizations ", - said Valery cow. The importance of aidkryttya such an institution and said Acting Vinnytsia Mayor Sergei Morgunov. "Late last year we adopted the program for institutions of civil society, and I have great hope that this center will be one of the main partners in the cooperation of local authorities and communities," - said Sergey Morgunov. So focused on the importantto carry out measures to be implemented by the Centre towards support demobilized soldiers and displaced persons. Cut the institution to mark the symbolic ribbon, participants learned about the main areas on which the work center of public education and social partnership. For the record. The process of establishing the Center for Public atworlds and social partnership in the winery started in April 2012 with a meeting VOPO "Source of Hope" with US Ambassador to Ukraine Mr. John Francis Tefft as part of his visit to the winery. Creation Centre involved the restoration of buildings on the street. Stecenko 48. In September 2013 the project financing was approved in spring 2014began immediate repairs, which ended yesterday. The idea of ??the Center is to bring together active vinnichane for the common good, the implementation of various social and community service initiatives. An important focus of the resource will support NGOs that are based in the region and the development of innovation in the social sector. ThisRTD work on thematic areas: - The program of development of civil society. - Program "Development of micro entrepreneurship in Vinnytsia region." - The "Progressive Youth Development". - The "Social communication and mutual support." - Psychological program "Know yourself, find your way." - The "Harmonization of family stackunkiv. " This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration