In Zhytomyr causing the death of a man in police exposed his wife Zvyahelchanka

during another quarrel hit the man with a knife. Fatally wounded tried to hide. After analyzing seized evidence and obtaining preliminary expert reports, police accused committed her crime. Pre-trial investigation continues. On the death of 40-rechnoho resident Novograd Volyn district police reported April 23 physicians. Investigative team that arrived on the scene, found in a room of a private house body of the host. During its review of police noticed stab wound to the back. In a conversation with the wife of the deceased appeared that physicians 42-year-old woman caused pislya being found unconscious man. She said the last time he complained of health and abused alcohol. About wounds on his body as if she knew nothing. - At the same time during the inspection of the site and adjacent to the building site operatives found in a ditch with a kitchen knife brown spots. Examination confirmed that bloodit belongs to the dead and injured, which was the cause of death could be applied to this knife - says chief Novograd Volyn MB Internal Affairs Sergei Ryaboshapka. In such circumstances, the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations police have made information kvalifikuvavshy them under Part 2 st.121 (intentional serious bodily injury resulting in death invictim) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. In the course of the investigation and search operations were established involvement wife to death of the deceased. The woman confessed to the crime. She explained that on the day her husband came home drunk again and made another quarrel, a disgrace which she hit him with a knife. To hide the crime, meassludge floor, removed the bloody thing and burned them in the field than thrown into a nearby ditch. Only after the cause "fast". Now the woman officially announced the suspicion of a crime. Pre-trial investigation continues. By causing fatal injuries to her husband she faces 7 to 10 years in prison. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine in LMOtomyrskiy area