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Vinnitsa foresters together with firefighters eliminated conventional forest fires (+ photos)

Recently conducted joint training to conduct combined fire and rescue units and Regional Forestry and Hunting in fighting forest fires. Successfully completed training at the Shenderivskoho Forestry of " Vinnytsiaand forestry & quot ;. Chief forester SE "Vinnitsa Forestry Eugene Ilchenko and Forestry forester Shenderivskoho Yuri Chernyak clearly important joint event organized. Vinnytsia Regional Forestry and Hunting appealed through the media to the area residents Vinnicchina request to comply with the rules of conduct in the forest fireand personally to become the guardian of green resources Vinnytsia, Non dry grass. SOEs forestry kilkatysyachnym edition produced leaflets on fire theme, fully updated exterior PSAs on this subject, broadcast on TV social video "Do not ruin a forest fire!". Vinnitsa foresters taken insih measures to prevent forest fires. Powered proper state fire equipment, equipment, communications equipment and agricultural machinery adapted for fighting forest fires. In conventional fire suppression in forestry Shenderivskomu demonstrated the successful application of special fire equipment, fire diverse inventory, vehicles and so onraktoriv adapted for firefighting pumps "Forte" for water pumping clear interaction fighters squad DSNS, workers state forest protection SE "Vinnitsa forestry" town residents Voronovitsa headed by deputy chairman Roman settlement Tsomykom, employees VOKSLP "Vinoblahrolis." In the exercise was attended by head quickly -Coordination Center State Treasury of Ukraine of Emergencies in Vinnytsia region, Lieutenant Civil Protection Ruslan Novak, head of the Vinnytsia regional sector DSNS Ukraine in Vinnytsia region, Lieutenant Civil Protection Mykola Onischuk, deputy chief of forest, Afforestation, reforestation, forest protection and protection of Vinnytsia Regional Forestry and Hunting Ivan Popadyuk. In conventional fire suppression active participation of 17 State Fire and Rescue village of Voronovitsa 2 State Fire and Rescue Unit of the Main Department of Civil Emergency Services Ukrayiny Vinnitsa region (head of Captain Eugene Tkachenko, head guard Lieutenant Vadim silicone, squad lieutenant Alexander Danilenko, Sergeant Victor Kirilenko driver, fireman Sergeant Sergei Orel). The Joint Training summarized, evaluated the actions of each unit, focusing on running a large etc.Formation-prosvtnytskoyi work with residents of the area. Without conscious behavior on the part of the public, people's awareness of the extent of the threat that carries the "red rooster" forests are not completely safe. Only proper personal relationship of man to own forest and responsible behavior will ensure the preservation of green resourcesand Ukraine. After all, the main factor spreading "red rooster" in the forest is, of course, the human factor and human negligence, and sometimes criminal behavior. Timeless appeal is: do not mess with fire in the forest! Press Service of Vinnytsia Regional Forestry and Hunting This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration