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In Lviv inside a "corner" the young man found dead: police are investigating the circumstances of the accident in Lviv region

traffic police found in the car « VAZ » the corpse of 20-year-old boy. Currently, police are investigating all the circumstances of the event. April 27, about one o'clock in Great Bridges that Sokal areatraffic police patrol during a traffic control noticed a passenger car « & raquo ;. VAZ The driver of the car speeds off to the side of the street at the intersection and saw police officers, began to flee. Guards Road immediately suspected the helmsman « nine ’ see destinations » is drunk, so without wasting time, went after him, has enabledShea flashing light and audible alarm. However, the driver does not respond to the legitimate demands of law enforcement and continued to flee. Finally, steering « nine ’ see destinations » still had to stop and leave by car on the roadside. Pidbihshy to light vehicles, police encountered the unexpected « discovery » - In the car lay the corpsea young man. Employees of the State immediately called to the scene investigative team. Law enforcement officials have identified the dead – a 20-year-old resident of one of the villages Zhovkivskyi area. According to preliminary data, the young man died a few days ago. Currently, the search continues for the driver and other persons who may be involved inthis event, set all circumstances. This was reported in the press service of the traffic police administration in Lviv region