In Lviv summed up children's art competition on road safety

In Lviv the winners of a competition on road safety. Participation in these art competitions were kids of all ages and from almost all regions. His vision of road safety young talent embodied in drawings, embroidery, applique, etc.Shih works of decorative art. In general, the competition received more than a hundred creative works. Choose the best of them turned out to be difficult, because each picture was in his own interesting and unique. Most of the work is devoted to the topic of pedestrian safety. In his drawings young artists to reproduce different situations on the road and warned ofAletsch of mischief and distraction. In drawing competition on road safety were determined winners in three age categories – kids 5 to 9 years, students from 10 to 13 and older group – Authors, aged 14 to 17 years. Thus, among the smallest artists took first place with three schoolgirls Gorodotsky paradiseONU: 9-year-old Roksolyana Matselioukh, 6-year-old Martha Mydlyak and 8-year-old Victoria Litnovska. Second place in this age group was awarded with pershoklasnytsi Novosilka secondary school degree behalf Shashkevych Martusi Bobalo. Third place received 7-year-old Karina nobleman who is studying at UC Busk secondary school gymnasium article-name Ye.Petrushevycha. In middle age gvictory gained Rs 11-year-old Victoria Remenyaka who is studying at the Small Academy of Arts in Komarno. Second place in the competition was 12-year-old Dmitry Zhminka of Busk district pupil secondary school Kutkivska UC-II. Third place was shared between a 13-year-old Anna Danilov, who lives in this district, and 12-year-old Diana Saykevych, a student of secondary school 74Lviv. Among older students first in drawing competition jury awarded 14-year-old Victoria Stefanyshyn of Horodok region, and the second was the same age as her Vyzdyk Andrew, Little Arts Academy student city Komarno. Third place went to 14-year-old Irina Kropivnitskogo of Sambor school. Nomination « works of arts and etc.ykladnoho Art » Winners also determined in three age categories: junior group: I place – Anastasia Moroz, a student of Class 2 secondary school 74 of the city; Victor Novosad, 9 years old, Busk district, village Storonybaby Second place – Eugene Cahors, 6 years, kindergarten 144 of the city, the group « Bell » Matthew Bosak, 5 years, kindergarten number187 of the city; Roman Dudych 6 years, kindergarten 187 of the city. Third place – Eva Hromish. 5 years, kindergarten 187 of the city Margaret Luke 6 years, kindergarten 95 in Lviv. middle group: I place – Sofia plowshare, 11, secondary school 74 of the city; Maria Maiko, 13 years Sokilnyky, Mylyatynivska secondary school art. Second place – Maxim Opiliones Penyk and Paul, 13, secondary school students 54 of the city; Anne Shepherd, 10 years old, secondary school 54 Lviv Third place – Zarytska Sofia, 11, secondary school 54 of the city; Veronica Lush, 10 years old, secondary school 54 of the city; Diana Peleshchyshyn, 10 years old, secondary school 54 of the city. In the older group as the best of Vladislav Esipenko who is learningSambir school in Victoria and Didukh, pupil Sudovovyshnyanskoho SPC. Members of the jury also noted teachers and schools that are actively participating in the creative competition. The best works of young artists from Lviv will participate in the nationwide stage of a competition « younger generation for Road Safety & raquo ;, which vidbuvayetsya annually in Kiev. This was reported in the press service of the traffic police administration in Lviv region