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In the Lviv region in Striy robber sentenced to four years in prison

* This sentence Stryjskyj City Court has appointed 29-year-old local resident who robbed a woman in the city. By Stryisky city police department, December 20 last year, turned 57-year-old local woman and said that an unknown man on SGLfirst the streets tore from her handbag. Among the valuable items in the bag was a mobile phone, glasses, keys to the apartment and other small items. The amount of the damage was more than 700 USD. On the same day, workers sector Stryisky Gorotdel CID police arrested the attacker. They found 29-year-old local residencests. As it turned out, the young man has had trouble with the law. He served his sentence in prison for committing a series of crimes, including robbery and misappropriation of the vehicle. In the courtroom attacker admitted guilt and said that the crime committed while intoxicated. Approaching the victim with chyny, he snatched from her bag and began to flee. Then took the bag cell phone and keys, and threw the bag. After a while he was detained by the police. Stryjskyj City District Court, taking into account all the circumstances of the case, found the 29-year-old man guilty of any criminal offense under Part 2 st.186 (robbery) Crimenoho Code of Ukraine and appointed him to four years in prison. By this sentence the court doyednav one month in prison as punishment for the unserved part of the previous sentence. Olga Martsynyuk, Assistant Chief Stryisky MB