In Lviv region during the day firefighters eliminated 2 forest fires and dry grass occupied 12

For the past day 14 rescuers times went to quench dry grass and forest fires. In general, dry grass fire destroyed some cells in the area about 6 000 sq.m. Thus, 25 April at 15:08 to the rescue fire was reported at a distancedkrytiy area in the village. Oryavchyk Skole district. The fire destroyed dry grass and shrub individual cells in the area of ??1200 sq.m. The fire was able to completely eliminate at 17:15. On the same day at 16:31 the fire was reported in the village. S?lca Sokal district. It destroyed dry grass and shrub individual cells over an area of ??1000 square meters.m and trees ’ plates and holiday house area of ??12 sq.m. Due to operational actions of firefighters managed to prevent further spread of fire and rescue from burning buildings 5. The fire was eliminated at 17:53. In addition, 25 April at 16:21 in the village. Peredvir ’ I Yavorivskyi district there was a fire in the territory Javoriv forestry. The fire destroyedforest floor in individual cells over an area of ??300 sq.m. The fire was extinguished at 17:22. At 18:34 there was a forest fire in the village. Tsytulya Javoriv area. Because burning deck destroyed an area of ??500 square meters, dry grass and bushes in the area of ??10 000 sq.m. Firefighters eliminate fire at 20:09. Department DSNS Ukraine in Lviv region refers toasking people to follow the rules of fire safety and warns that burning garbage, dry vegetation and breeding fires near forests, towns and abroad is forbidden! Try to farm so that at least your site was rubbish and piles of cut grass, cut or dry branches better to recarry the trash. Bonfires to burn dry leaves, trash in areas adjacent to residential homes, cottages, gardens, prohibited at distances less than 15 meters from the building. Also prohibited to make a fire in windy weather. In case of fire – immediately inform the fire by calling 101.