Lutsk officially opened tourist season

"Secrets of Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street" - a theatrical performance by the same name gave the official start of the tourist season in Lutsk. Many Lutsk and guests, including Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk, Deputy Taras Yakovlev, representatives of the leading tour operators in the country have moconfigured to know the mysteries through art and a history of modern street Bohdan Khmelnytsky. The symbol of the city - Lutsk Klykun is the key to all the unknown and mysterious in Lutsk. He invites all interested to take a look - what is interesting is reserved for locks Lutsk history. Klykun, GRUN Katz, Ukrainian schoolboy school, the role of which inykonuvaly actors studio theater "mess" recreated present interesting historical moments in the life of our city. Participants had the opportunity to tour Klykunom compete with the volume of tusks. Work begins on a historic journey around the Palace of Culture of Lutsk. Congratulated on the opening of the tourist season - 2015 Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk. He wished aband each participant tours discovered something new about our city. According to him, all who came to the theatrical tour, this is the future helps to promote the city outside the region and state. "We learn more about Luck and history. Help attract more tourists to Lutsk and tour operators from different cities of Ukraine, who cameto us. Now the difficult situation in the country and we all want the fastest was peace on earth. However, life goes on. Children and adults will be interested to know about our city. I am sure that we all love Luck and best tell others about it, and will jointly develop it. Let's engage in the promotion of the city and will cherish and shanate it "- he said. After Nicholas Romaniuk opened the lock on the travel guide, which has become the key to the mysteries of Lutsk, and launched the new tourist season. The first object, which was attended by members of the tour, was the Krylov space on the street, which is now located cafe "Golden Ducat". Participants learned about the history of the buildingand in its famous owner of GRUN Katz. Magic Fairy treated wanting natural cocoa beans. Magical atmosphere created delicate flavor roast coffee. Luciana Learned more about life and the Jewish community of Lutsk. While visiting the premises on the street Bohdan Khmelnytsky, 6 Jewish community leader Sergei Shvardovskyy spoke about the history primation. He said that by 1939 it belonged to the Jewish community. However, with the advent of Soviet power it was nationalized. Members theater-studio "mess" told the story of the family Fershko where three brothers knew persecution and torture. Participants visited a theatrical tour and the former Ukrainian school in Lutsk. Students in thisEstates daily started and completed training in prayer. They also had bilateral flag. On one side was a Ukrainian blue and yellow flag, on the other - Cossack crimson banner. At one time there worked well-known figure Modest Levitsky. The next item on the tour was the room Volyn Academic Puppet Theater. In thisbuilding in the days of stay Lutsk the Commonwealth was theater. Participants theatrical tour had the opportunity to learn more about the history of the building and see the excerpt from the play "Mazeppa" that at the beginning of the last century is set. Completed near the tour of the City Council. It described the present symDoes our city. Image and patron of Lutsk - St. Nicholas and preceded by a girl who was holding hands with two beaters and warrior with sword in hand. Participants of the tour, including many children, enthusiastically eyes watched theatrical tour. Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk thanked all those who contributed to organizing the event. It should have to pointyou that during the tour Klykun questions asked by participants and the correct answer received a special certificate. A pleasant surprise for the winners is that their self a cup of tea in the office invited Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk. During the event, they had the opportunity to exchange ideas with him and get answers to theirquestion. This was reported in Lutsk City Council