In the Rivne region professiograficheskoy tour in music school

experts recently Kuznetsovsky city employment center for children and young people with functional limitations of concern Communal Enterprise "Kuznetsovsky Municipal Center for Social Rehabilitation of Disabled Children" was the presentation of the teaching profession in music school.And April 21 Employment Agency invited children with disabilities to professiograficheskoy excursion to a local children's music school to demonstrate the beauty of the profession. These meetings provide an opportunity for children and youth with disabilities view trades directly on the site, to get information from primary sources, chat,both as an employer with employees. This in turn makes it possible to show this population that they are just ordinary people like everyone else, and that they are not alone. Guests are greeted joyfully theoretical department head Julia Kurmychina, which held a tour of the school, described the requirements for the teaching profession, what qualities and skills needshave specialist profession. "The people who work here help children develop imagination, creative thinking, aesthetic taste - Yulia L. - master play various musical instruments, allowing to take part in a concert performance in the city and beyond, to prepare for entry into secondary and higher educational institutions ". There were also no mini-concert, which was attended by teachers and students of the music school. Each demonstrated his talent playing a musical instrument, causing exciting cries of children and young people with functional limitations. "Well done! Bravo! "- They applauded. Some children are very surprised and impressed play the piano immediately two musicalykantiv. "And how is it possible to simultaneously played four hands?" - Sounded right questions. And when zalunala merry music was a feeling that all is zatantsyuyut. "Another way to rehabilitation center positive impressions were very much retold seen together, and when they came, he began to share experiences and show photos foI am of those who did not attend the tour. So I want to thank Employment and music school thrills that received students of our institution, "- said the teacher Irina Nykrytyuk later. This was reported in Rivne city employment center