In Ternopil on municipal street market. Sheptitskiy will create the right conditions for trade

Reconstruction of Municipal Market Street. Sheptitskiy is nearing completion. Already very soon businesses that sell goods on adjacent areas of villages and visiting small traders will be able to move products to sell in the new market. Thereprovided not only an improved service to customers, but also compliance with all health standards. &Laquo; The new market will solve the problem of trade products, because now people just sell the land, - says the director of the municipal market Oleg scars. &Ndash; Terms of the new market will be much better for both buyers and sellers. Business to Businessprovided enough seats so that trade can anyone visiting small traders and entrepreneurs even vehicles. We also noticed the creation of trading places for disadvantaged grown agricultural products in their own gardens & raquo ;. This market will be equipped with facilities for trade,vli meat and dairy products, veterinary laboratory, which workers will check the quality of products offered, built warehouses for proper storage products, announced communication. There is a parking lot and arrangement, because without her presence will complexities traffic on the adjacent roadway. On the issue of tradefruits and vegetables, it is technical issues to be resolved. &Laquo; Was the information as if the entrepreneurs gathered funds to build this market. In fact, they donated money, like all other businesses, only after the trade. Additional resources for the construction of a modern market nobody collected & raquo ;, - says Oleg scars. Buildingthe reconstruction of the market held by the investor funds because utility company had insufficient funds to implement the project. The procedure for finding an investor was implemented under the law, and land and remains in municipal ownership. Even before the reconstruction of the market entrepreneurs who thenrhuvaly a permanent exhibition were offered free space on existing market areas of the city. However, traders did not listen to the suggestions and continue to trade on the sidewalks of the city, which led to the spread of unauthorized trading. The next two weeks will be informed of all traders on vacancies in existing markets and Liabilities ’ later originated change their place of trade. Indeed, in May will be decided according to which trade on the street. Sheptitskiy will be banned and all about shopping ’ objects that remain in the area to be removed. This was reported in the Ternopil City Council