In Rivne car found illegally present on the territory of Ukraine (+ photos)

Traffic police officers Rivne region detained a car that was imported into the territory of Ukraine in violation of customs regulations. April 19 around midnight inspectors VDAI service Kuznetskov city and Volodymyrets District during road safety oversightOn motion of the village Sobischytsi, Volodymyrets stopped the car "BMW-318". Driving cars was 20-year-old resident of Kuznetskov. At the request of a legitimate police employee to present registration documents for the vehicle the man could not because they were absent. When checking the numbers on a body of information databases Derzhavtoinspeck police found that this car is not listed in any of the available databases SAI. This means that the car "BMW-318" was smuggled, or within the territory of Ukraine with customs violations. The vehicle was taken to the traffic police Internal Affairs Kuznetsovsky MB. In this incident is checked. It should be noted that inbeginning of this year, traffic police Rivne region was found 22 cars that are in the territory of Ukraine in violation of customs regulations. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine in Rivne region