In the Rivne region road alphabet for children with special needs (+ photos)

With instructive talks to the smallest road users? Center for Early Educational pupils and social inclusion of children with special needs "Pahinets" way workers Derzhavtoinspektsiyi.Pid the meeting they told the kids about the rules of safefirst on the road. Employees of the State of Rivne constantly conduct prevention activities aimed at preventing road traffic injuries. Particular attention is paid to inspectors younger generation. April 20 inspectors visited Rivne school, pupils who are "special" children. On the RightLa safe on the road they remind parents and caregivers. Also this responsible mission and perform law enforcement. To the kids, they come with educational posters, which the kids were able to discern the various situations in which you should not get. The children enthusiastically viewed the pictures and were active dialogue with the inspectors andgladly told how the crossing roadway when they go to kindergarten, and where play at your leisure. Save lives and health of young road users -sprava common for parents and teachers and inspectors. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine in Rivne region