In the Rivne region on the path to graduation work was unimpeded

"Employment of graduates Rivne Oblast assessment, problem solving and perspectives" - this topic has collected roundtable broad representation of the social partners Employment Service, employers, academics and student youth. The meeting, whichheld at the Regional Council on April 23, initiated by regional employment centers and the Standing Committee of Regional Council on Science, Education, Culture and Spirituality. The meeting was chaired by Deputy Chairman of the Regional Council of Stepan Pavlyuk, chairman of the Standing Committee of Svetlana Levitsky and regional employment center director John Tkachuk. How rozpoviv Director of Regional Employment John Tkachuk, there is an imbalance between the human resources that prepare higher education and labor market needs. The reality is - 40 percent of graduates do not work according to their specialty. Therefore, young members of these professions after graduation have to retrain. As a result, every year the number of applications graduates for employment centers for help in finding the first job. Thus, registered in the employment of Rivne region in 2014 were 2.3 thousand. Unemployed graduates, an increase of 8.7% than in 2013. John Tkachuk said that you should also pay attentionthe trend in prestigious professions, labor market experts are saturated. As of January 1, 2015 one vacancy from among the unemployed claimed 128 experts in their fields, 77 teachers of educational institutions, 66 sales managers, 58 chief accountants, 40 sales consultants, 33 educatorsand 31 associate, 26 nurses. Deputy Chairman of the Regional Council Stepan Pavlyuk said that no forecast for the near future strategic directions of socio-economic development of the region, so - the need for staffing. For example, in the Rivne region is 4 medical colleges that train health workers, which employ no where. Notare sufficiently effective mechanisms to motivate employers to hire young people without experience of the chosen specialty. Taking into account that the Rivne region is agrarian, the meeting dealt with personnel in rural areas. Unfortunately, this issue remains problematic. For example - such an important vector as Nearca provide lump-sum assistance to young employees made to work in the villages and towns that approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated July 11, 2013. The paper noted that experts provided a one-time targeted assistance to ten times the minimum wage for the state budget in the firsttivkoviy form and accommodation for up its work. If the young worker will work in this village at least 10 years, passed him home ownership. Of course, it would be a great support for young workers in rural areas. However, this legislative innovation remained on paper. Given the economic instability sition, the uncertainty of socio-economic development in the country, which reduces the interest of employers in providing youth work, create jobs for her, the roundtable participants adopted recommendations, including: 1. Recommend the Department of Social Welfare Regional Administration, etc.epartamentu Economic Development and Trade Regional Administration in cooperation with the regional employment center stage in predicting social and economic development for 2015 and subsequent years to identify priority areas of economic activity in order to: - Assess the need for specialists of the profile; - Application Developmentand job creation. 2. Recommend regional employment center: - Provide higher educational establishments analytical needs help with employment in the labor market area (annual). - Create a survey databank of enterprises, institutions and organizations that can organize training university students and studentsvocational schools in their free time in professions (specialties), which acquired education in terms of certain contract internship. 3. To recommend to the Department of Social Welfare Regional State Administration, regional employment centers, higher education institutions conduct popularizationvolunteering, volunteer (including through the media). 4. In order to improve the skills of graduates rekomenduvatyvyschym educational establishments: - Practice of production and pre practices; - Promote the training of university studentsas in their free time in the fields, which acquired education, based on signed contracts with potential employers; - Hold graduation rates extracurricular activities with training (with leading practitioners); - Hold the support skills of employers (particularly inscholarly and practical work, business projects, etc.) under the conditions of employment of winners; - Practice grounded grounded assembly "career plan" for each student university. 5. To ensure the effective participation of business entities in the program graduate employment and higher vocational schools recommendwool Regional State Administration address the central authorities with offers financial support to employers who employ graduates and vocational schools, namely recovery mechanism for providing subsidies to employers for young people who received higher or vocational education, first job for rahunofor the Fund of compulsory state social insurance of Ukraine against unemployment. As part of the Round Table were awarded the winners of the annual regional competition "Best Employer first job." They got Diplomas, Diplomas and Thanks Regional Council and regional employment center. In general. Committee Conkursu in various categories noted 22 employers, organizations, institutions and enterprises of different ownership. This was reported in Rivne city employment center