Chernihiv Region: rescuers eliminated by day 24 fires caused by the burning of dry vegetation and debris

on April 23 Chernihiv rescuers eliminated 24 fires caused by burning debris population and dry vegetation. During firefighting 1 person rescued dozens of buildings and hundreds of hectares of forest. The fire poshkoJen 9 or destroyed homes, 16 household buildings, burned 15 hectares of forest and 30 hectares deck open area. So, at 17:00 to the Regional Office DSNS Ukraine was reported that Repkinsky region due to burning dry grass on fire bow instantly strong wind gusts close to the village. Old Yarylovychi which areon the border with Belarus, and seized several residential and auxiliary buildings. For the challenge was immediately forwarded to the State Fire and rescue units Ripok, Dobryanka, Chernihiv and fire department and a tractor with a plow Dobriansky forestry. Also, according to the rules of interaction on fire suppression and NS across the borderthe place of fire came from the village fire department. Cheretyanka Respibliky Belarus. In total suppression involved 18 people and 7 units. Intense and hard fighting fire lasted almost 5 hours during which firefighters rescued 80-year-old resident of one of the houses, 43 households and prevent flame ’ S cover the entire town. Fire instigma destroy 1 residential and non-residential buildings 7 and 10 auxiliary buildings. Extinguishing strong wind made it difficult and overgrown dead, flooded uninhabited yard ’ i. In place of the fire traveled mobile operational group of regional management and staff DSNS Ukraine Ripky police department. Probable cause of the fire was careless floorodzhennya with fire. Perpetrators are installed. With this rescue again urge people to follow the requirements of the fire and environmental safety, civilized and safe conduct by recycling garbage and dry vegetation. This will not cause a threat to the security of the people around them and the environment as well as keep fire houses, householdsDonated buildings and forests. Management DSNS in Chernihiv region