Ivano-Frankivsk "equipped Cartage reflect"

Friday, April 24, 2015, 11:42 | 24/04/2015 State car Carpathian involving the media held preventive action among road transport drivers to install on carts optical elements called "equip Cartage catafotamy " With the start of spring field work on the roads area significantly increases the number of road transport. However, not all their sled marked carts reflective elements that can create an emergency on the road, and sometimes accidents. As the head of preventive work Miroslav BellDick: "Install reflectors on animal-drawn carts under the rules of the road, so the goal of our action is to spread light and draw attention to driving that is sure to make everyone who hesitated to become visible in the dark and ensure their own safety, animal and drivers of vehicles, as Field work continues dotemna and moveysya at night not marked carts on roads with heavy traffic is dangerous. Of course, each cart we do not set light, so the event should be revealing. In addition it should be noted that road transport drivers for violations of the Rules also responsible legally required. " Currently, preventionaction on "equip Cartage reflect" held in villages located on the road of national importance in the villages and Khomyakivka Klubivtsi Tysmenytsya District continue such activities take place in Kolomyia, Kalush, Horodenka and others. areas. Service preventive work UGAI Ministry of Internal Affairs in Ivano-Frankivsk

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