In Vinnytsia main purpose of reforming the justice system - optimization and simplification providing quality legal services (+ photos)

This was stressed by Deputy of Ukraine Dmytro Storozhuk that February 18 took part in a press conference at the Department of Information and Communication of the State Administration on "Begin Sectionrovedennya reforms in the system of justice. Recruitment ". The event was also attended by Acting Chief of Territorial Administration of Justice in the Vinnitsa region Tatiana Vinnytsia and Deputy Chief of Territorial Administration on the state registration Yuri Kruhol. "For the first time in the history of the legal system, with the participation ofs organizations were audited patterns of Justice, which currently does not comply with modern standards nor challenges of society, "- said Dmitry Storozhuk. He said the structure optimization of Justice will free up additional financial resource that will be used to increase the salaries of employees of thstytsiyi, because they lack motivation. The mechanism will receive remuneration of executive service employees, it will be a percentage of contractor-collected funds from the founders. Thus, there will be increased fees for legal services, as well as the number of services increase. Tatiana Vinnytsia, acting Chief geographicallyFirst Department of Justice in the Vinnitsa region, highlighted the results of a recent voluntary testing heads of regional departments of justice. "This is a test of professional and leadership skills Leadership, matching their skills and knowledge requirements of time - assured the official. - Same tests held executive officers and Reyestratsiynoyi services. It will be made on the results of their decisions on the transfer of the territorial administration of justice. " February 10 The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine announced an open competition to occupy vacant positions in local judicial authorities. Documents for the contest will be accepted by the Ministry of Justice within 30 days from the date ofproclamation competition. In the new personnel policy Justice, for those wishing to work in the system of justice in leadership positions must have a law degree and five years of experience in the field of law. Main Territorial Department of Justice in Vinnytsia region on the official website contains information regarding Mr.Ministry of Justice of Ukraine rovedennya competition for vacancies Chief of Territorial Administration of Justice in the Vinnitsa region and Deputy Chief of Territorial Administration of Justice in the Vinnitsa region on the state executive service - head of the state executive service. Yuri Kruholshowed participants a press conference information on the implementation of pilot projects in Vinnytsia region on registration of immovable property, including - registration of property of individuals and entities on the basis of ex-territoriality. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration