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Khmelnytsky Humanitarian and Pedagogic Academy held a scientific conference

April 23, 2015 in Khmelnytsky Humanitarian Pedagogical Academy held V National Scientific Conference "spiritual origins skirts scholars in the history of the region" Plenary session of the conference began Inna Shorobura, Rector of the Khmelnitsky Humanitarian Pedagogicalth Academy, Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine, member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Education, Professor. In her speech, she noted that scientific meetings should analyze the question: - The development of science in the tail: Past and Present; - Scientists skirts in the context of social and political transformations XX-XArticle XI .; - The establishment and development of scientific schools on the tail; - Famous scholars of the region; - The contribution of scientists Podolyan to national and world science; - The role of scientists in the revival of the land of cultural and historical monuments skirts. Inna Shorobura congratulated scientists, public figures, all those who responded to the request to participate in the conference "Windno leaks skirts scholars in the history of the region. " Modern society is entering a stage of development information. Today, science in society plays an important role in many sectors of life. Greeted the participants Scientific Conference appealed stem Leo V., Vice-President - Chief of Staff Hmmelnytskoyi regional state administration, stressing that modern science is not only the basic form of knowledge of nature and society, providing human scientific knowledge, but there is an essential tool of its life. Undoubtedly, the level of development of science may be one of the key indicators of social development, in particular economyichnoho, cultural, civilized, enlightened, modern development. The information was