In the Transcarpathian region Irshava police honored liquidators of the Chernobyl accident April 26 marks the

in '29 on that night in 1986 when there was a terrible tragedy - there was an explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. On the anniversary of the tragedy in Irshava district police met the liquidators of the Chernobylthe first nuclear power plant with the police. - The scale of the Chernobyl disaster could have been much higher if not for the courage of liquidators. In the liquidation of the accident involved 25 workers Irshavsk police department. And we can not forget about them - said in his opening remarks, Chief Irshavsk police department Lieutenant Colonel Myron Chernicheco. - Unfortunately, seven of them already dead. With the words of respect and gratitude addressed the audience liquidators chairman of veterans and pensioners Irshavsk police department Basil Nikita. The participants paid tribute to all those who died liquidators minute of silence. Prematurely left the life Bogdan Fedorychko Peter Stankanynets, Andrew Hetsko, Kerechanyn Peter, Andrew Obitskyy, Basil and John Varga Petsko. Then took the floor v.o.holovy association of veterans and pensioners "Chernobyl" Irshavsk Peter Shtefanyo police department, which had to serve in positions of traffic police and in the administrative building of Chernobyl. The 30-kilometer zone, he held up a truckfilled with spare parts, ancient icons and other valuables stolen. For this he was awarded the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kyiv region Breastplate "Excellence police." Militia Colonel retired Yuri Svystak told how he had in the first hours of the Chernobyl accident to assist in the evacuation of residents and protect public m.Pryp'yatand order. Within 21 days he went to the fire, which occurred in Pripyat. Each trip was extremely dangerous for life because when extinguishing fires such person has received a lot of radiation dose. Head Irshavsk district police Lt. Myron said Chernychko diplomas liquidators of the Chernobyl accident Peter Stephan, GeorgeSvystaka, Lomahu Basil, Basil Straw, John Grabow, Theodore Bryanyka, Michael Bilohorku. Not left unattended and widows liquidators of the Chernobyl accident. Each of them visited police with food packages. Information Irshavsk District Police