In the Transcarpathian region Rakhovsky rescuers found the lost tourist in the mountains of France

evening, April 23 Rakhivsky area on Hoverla during the route landmark lost and lost tourist who came from France in Transcarpathia. 53-year-old resident of Paris, not pre-registered in the rescue units, selfbut went to conquer the mountain slopes. At an altitude of 1300 m the man who was not properly equipped, hit the snow. After another 100 meters, tourist realized that he was lost and not return back. Then he called back to his wife, who reported the incident to the rescue. In search of a tourist at 21:00 workers went mountain search and savingnyh branches m. Rachel and village Yassin. I had to act fast because man wearing too easy for a few hours could freeze to death in the mountains. Frenchman found at 2:20 in the area of ??meadows Bretskul Rakhivsky area. State health ’ i tourist was satisfactory medical care he needed. Then the man was taken to the rescueplace of temporary residence in the city. Rachel. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region