Vinnichchina ranked eighth among the regions of Ukraine in terms of housing was commissioned

According to the Department of Statistics in the Vinnitsa region in 2014. in the field has been commissioned 287.6 thousand m2 of housing. The volume of housing was commissioned by 2014. compared with 2013. decreased by 18.4%. Share Vinnitsavein region in the national decision-housing is 3.0%. By this measure Vinnichchina among regions of Ukraine took eighth place. A significant portion (55.1%) of the total housing put into operation in homes with two or more apartments, 42.3% - in single-family homes and 2.6% - in the dorms. Total area taken in operationS housing in urban areas was 199.7 thousand m2 (69.4%) in rural areas - 87.9 thousand m2 (30.6%). According to 2014. has been commissioned 3322 apartments, including in urban areas - 2502 apartments, in rural areas - 820 apartments. Vinnitsa developers put into operation 145.0 thousand m2 of housing, of which 11.2% (or 162 thousand m2) made in single-family homes. For housing construction Regional Center ranks first where built 50.4% of the total housing in the region. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration