Trusting uzhhorodka donated online scams 10,000 USD

But two other women did not believe strangers criminal history that allegedly happened to their children, and kept their money. Despite repeated warnings policemen, Uzhgorod continue to get "hooked" to scams that fraudulently vyduryuyut them large sumsand. A statement to Uzhgorod Gorotdel police asked 59-year-old resident of the city. The woman said that lunch time on her mobile phone rang an unknown man who called himself a police officer. The stranger said that her son has trouble relating to drugs. And for the case should be paid 10,000 USDSet it to the account number. Not checking the information on the son of the victim immediately gathered all their savings and Terminal transferred the money to the bank account which told her crook. Only a few hours later she called his son and found that no one has problems. Until then the victim has asked for police. But another pensioner Uzhgorod not believe in these "tales". My grandmother knew that her grandson at school and can have problems with law enforcement. Be not dosluhavshy stranger, a woman simply put the handset. Similarly entered another uzhhorodka, whose young son is clearly not "pulling" on drug traffickers, who allegedly detained by the police. But45-year-old entrepreneur Uzhgorod "fell" on 10 817 UAH. The man decided to sell via the Internet conditioning. "Buyer" offered to pay for the goods by transferring money to the account of his bank card. However, the money the seller never received. Instead alone own funds in the amount of 10 817 USD, which took off card stranger vyvidavshyUzhgorod rash of secret data its cards. Guardians again remind citizens: save your money in such cases depends on you. If you are still deceived, be sure to contact Gorotdel police or call to "102". Information Uzhhorod MB MIA