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Transcarpathian police rescued mukachivku who tried to commit suicide

middle of the night just two women in m.Mukachevi tried to commit suicide. One jumped off a bridge in the district "Rosvyhovo", the other - on the 4th floor of a multistory building. Fortunately, both alive. A cry for help heard passer in the neighborhood "Rosvyhovo. " The man immediately called the police. A few minutes attire patrol police together with employees of the State Security Service arrived on the scene. A woman who jumped from a bridge into the water, carried over, she screamed for help. 38-year-old victim police pulled out of the water, called an ambulance and taken to hospital. Aslater found out the police, the woman lives in a nearby area Irshava. Because of constant family quarrels she arrived in Mukachevo the purpose to commit suicide. Here and jumped off a bridge, but it saved the police. The second case of suicide occurred the same night in the same district Mukachevo "Rosvyhovo." Here, from the balcony of the 4th floorerhu dev`yatypoverhovoho house jumped woman aged 36 years. Fortunately, his life was saved well. Now both are mukachivky trauma department of Mukachevo District Hospital. Information Mukachevo CF MIA