In Lutsk environmental campaign marks the World Day the Earth in

school-II levels 11- College held a citywide ekofestyval "Creating the future of their own hands," dedicated to the World Earth Day. His proactive stance on environmental preservation young environmentalists expressed kindergarten number 10 (the head Kostyuk VN), school 4 named M.Levytskoho (director oftor Myshkovets OA), SPC "school-II levels 7- Natural Lyceum (Director Karyuk NV), NUC number 9 (director Dubin OD), secondary school II levels 11- Collegium (Director of Frost MH), UC 22 (Director Kucher LV) and others. Initiated by the Department of Education and the Department of Environment of the City Council at a party given start-wide campaign "Let's make ekotorbyCLE own hands - keep future together with you. " Young environmentalists UC 22 this good work has already started and poschyly ekotorbynky where the school are removable shoes. Deputy mayor, manager of the executive committee Yuri Verbych winners of city competitions propaganda teams and posters ecological gave thanks and Mayor gamemochi. Winners events ecological welcomed Ensembles SPC number 9. Department of Education of the City Council This was reported in Lutsk City Council