In the winery derzhavtoinspektory and bikers staged a "Warning rider!"

In the winery representatives of major motoklubiv area with derzhavtoinspektoramy staged a "rider Attention!". They called for drivers of all vehicles comply with traffic rules and respect each other on the road. Traditionally open tottya motosezonu 2015 and participate in the campaign contributed more than fifty bikers. Its main goal - to remind drivers of this category of road users, like motorcyclists and urge all drivers to strict observance of traffic rules. At the crossroads of major cities bikers distributed to all road users postcard appeal withproposal to be courteous on the road. As the head of traffic police Vinnichiny Paul Solonenko, State car supports the campaign "Attention rider!" And hopes to reduce the number of accidents involving drivers of motorcycles, mopeds and scooters. AB UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Vinnitsa region