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The flow of IDPs in Vinnytsia region decreased

Reported by the Department of Social Policy RSA. According to data from specialists in the departments for ODA in 7101 resident families - 11,938 people displaced citizens who are officially registered as a single database displaced citizens. Among them: 332family - with the ARC and 6769 families - from the Donbas. All internally displaced persons settled in homes 27 districts and 6 cities in the region, including 4681 in person. Vinnitsa, and 36 families - 117 people in a dorm with. The new dam, Kalynivskyi District 10 families s.Zabolotne, Kryzhopil district and 4 families (11 people) in m.Zhmerynka. With the number of migrationss citizens receiving social benefits and pensions appealed 5969 people, of which 5694 persons held payment. In addition, 11,527 people were displaced temporarily help citizens; 7084 families filed an application for assistance under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 01.10.2014, 505, of which 6099 families tickEna aid has designed and paid for the amount of 26.1 million. USD. From 5634 able-bodied persons to Employment appealed field 967 people, including 174 - employed, 574 - for unemployment benefits, the other received the status of unemployed persons. Before the migration service area approached 672 persons for providing various types of administraministration services, 60 persons reinstated, 174 persons issued passports Ukraine. Currently, the housing register for temporary residence of displaced persons registered facility for 51 278 citizens, including 42 private sector facility for 151 persons. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration