Vinnytchina: the championship field of fire and applied sport

April 23 at the Sports Complex PG DSNS Championship Vinnytsia Oblast indoors on fire and applied sport, dedicated to the heroes who died in the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident. Such competition is a kind of total training firefighters and rescueykiv the previous year. In a solemn ceremony the team lined up at the sports and the sounds of the anthem Ukraine national flag was raised, which marked the opening of the championship. The right to raise it was given last year's winners - the team DPRCH 2 Vinnitsa. The competition consisted of three stages. The first real test for athleteswas climbing the ladder to the window assault 4th floor of training tower. All participants in this type of competition given two attempts to show the best results. After the first phase of the athletes waiting to overcome the 100-meter strip with obstacles. Participants overcame 2 meter fence with two branches ran on the boom, then connecting pycoffee with one another and to the branch and then finished. The third type of competition was climbing retractable ladder to the window on the second floor. In this form of competition involved two athletes who initially removed from the ladder fire truck, then, moved to the training tower, raising the level ladder to the window sills, one of sportsmEniwa up in a window on the second floor. Prizes fought the best teams in the field representatives who have repeatedly demonstrated their skill and professionalism. Following the events took third place team DPRCH-4 Vinnitsa, second – team DPRCH 2 Vinnitsa, and champion of the competition was the team of rescue special unitpurpose. Winners received from the Main Office of cups, medals, certificates and gifts. PG DSNS Ukraine in Vinnitsa region