Law enforcement officials warn: Do not reveal details of their bank cards

Four and a half thousand disappeared from the account of resident Zborivsky area after he talked on the phone with "employee" of the bank. The police are searching for a rogue. On a mobile phone call to the victim unidentified man, who introduced greatemployee of the bank. Cpivrozmovnyk said that people could lose money on the card, because access to it with third parties. To prevent this, you must verify your details. The attacker was able to search out credit card number and other details of the victim to it. As a result, the account disappeared 4,500 USD. The police are searching for a rogue, andwhich citizens are advised to be careful. Notify number of bank cards and other data it is forbidden - is confidential. Employees of financial institutions will never ask over the phone personal customer data. Follow balance "electronic wallet" check transactions via SMS messages coming from banment. Set a daily limit on withdrawals. If you are unsure whether or not calling you a real bank employee - ask when and in which department you can approach to solve the problem in person rather than over the phone. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region